Exercise has probably been mentioned countless times as being good for you; however, did you know it can also make you feel good? Your energy levels can be boosted by just a bit of exercise, and your mood can even improve.

It’s important for young adults to be active and stay healthy for a number of reasons, with a major benefit being that living a healthy lifestyle can possibly prevent health concerns in the future.

Fitness and health can be improved by a variety of physical activities — the key is to stay active! As with brushing your teeth, eating, and sleeping, exercising should be a consistent part of your daily routine. Keep reading to learn more about tips and benefits of exercise for young adults.

1. Have fun and stay positive

Maintaining a positive mental attitude and choosing an activity you enjoy is a good start. By choosing something you enjoy, you’re more likely to stick with it in the long run. Many people like to exercise with a friend or family member, so try to organize an exercise session together.

2. Make small, incremental changes

Adding up small changes can make a big difference in fitness. Instead of calling Uber, walk or ride your bike if it’s within distance to do so. The same goes for when you come across an elevator or escalator — hit the steps instead.

3. Get your heart rate up

Regardless of the activity you choose, try to incorporate some cardio activity to increase your heart rate and make you breathe more deeply. The beneficial aspect of this type of exercise is that it increases fitness levels and improves heart and lung function. What makes cardio even better? It also helps to burn fat! Basketball, swimming, running, and fast-paced walking are examples of cardio exercise that you can try.